A parent is concerned that her baby is not rolling over, is scooting on her butt or not crawling. What do you say?

A parent is concerned about a child who is struggling with focus and emotional regulation, what do you offer parents?

What if I told you that these two scenarios are very intertwined? Do you wish you felt more confident when asked about developmental stages? While the traditional milestone charts can be helpful, the role of movement in regards to nervous system development is so much more complex than the milestone model. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of the link between early movement and symptoms of attention, regulation and learning challenges, join us for Developmental Movement for Chiropractors.

In this approved 12 hour seminar:

  • The origins of common symptoms will be revealed as you physically experience the infant movement sequence from birth to walking, gaining a strong felt sense of the building blocks to physical development and their links to cognitive and emotional development.

  • You will deepen your understanding of primitive reflexes as they pertain to physical, emotional and cognitive development including simple screening tools that can easily be added to your assessment process. 

  • Gain applicable skills and tools to use in your treatment sessions and share with parents for home use with children of all ages with a strong focus on 0-7. 

* Each participant will receive a copy of Baby Bare upon registration to be read before Dec 6th along with a simple one-page writing activity. More details will be provided at the time of registration.



Friday, Dec 6th, 8:30 am- 5:00 pm

(Plus 4 remote hours do be completed

before Dec 6th)


314 Clifton Ave #300

Minneapolis MN 55403

What Chiropractors are saying about this work:


 "Since taking this training, I talk to the parents in my office on a daily basis about Developmental Movement and it has helped improve patient outcomes as well as position me to be the expert in my area. The information I have learned in this class alongside chiropractic adjustments has helped babies that were butt-scooting to crawl on all fours, help several of my patients with anxiety and ADD/ADHD feel better in their bodies, experience more calm and increase their ability to concentrate and focus on assigned tasks. The information you will learn in this class helps support the strong development of the nervous system and goes extremely well with a vitalistic chiropractic approach."

Angela Elliot DC, CACCP

Pediatric and Family Chiropractor

"As a "chiropractor, I felt great at checking a child's spine and impacting the health of their nervous system.  However, what I never realized is how vitally important developmental movement patterns (rolling, sitting, crawling, etc) are for the foundation of a child's brain.  Also, I never had a confident sense of what INNATE DEVELOPMENT looks like.  Stephanie's class gave me a deep understanding and appreciation for what normal development looks like, based on principles of the nervous system.  This class is highly recommended for chiropractors who work with kiddos and want to build their clinical certainty and ability to communicate "why" we recommend what we do with parents."  

Dr. Tye Moe | Whole Family Chiropractic

"Baby Bare is an approach to child development that emphasizes the importance of early movement in optimal development. Stephanie is an entertaining and thoughtful teacher, and her well-paced seminar will keep you engaged but not overwhelmed.This seminar will enhance your understanding of the neurological mechanisms of the vital developmental process, how to assess normal and abnormal, and what to do about it.  You will come away with numerous clinical pearls that will be immediately applicable in your office on Monday morning."

Dr Keith Prussing, Cresent Wind




Earlybird before Nov 22

$325 Professional

$260 Student

After Nov 22

$385 Professional

$320 Student