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Psychotherapist, child development specialist and author of Baby Bare, Stephanie Johnson, offers a variety of services to support you and your family. Stephanie's office is nestled in the beautiful  and family friendly neighborhood of Linden Hills in SW Minneapolis . Whether you live close by or are making a longer trip, plan on exploring the many shops, restaurants and parks near by after your appointment. Click here to learn more about Linden Hills.

Let's make sure your baby is developing just as nature intended. This visit will leave you feeling confident in your ability to provide exactly what your precious newborn needs. If I see anything we can do to support baby’s natural development, I will gently teach you simple techniques that can be used between visits.

Book this appointment for follow ups after you have already made your first visit.

You did it! Giving birth is a momentous life event and with it comes plenty of emotions. Whether you had the birth you planned for or otherwise, a mother's heart and nervous system need some TLC after birth to support this transition to motherhood. Come in whenever you are ready, 2 months after your labor or 22 years after your labor, these sessions will benefit moms in all stages of motherhood. These sessions are a great gift idea for a family who is limiting the gear in their baby’s life; a supported and calm mama is so good for baby’s development!

For more information about services for older children please click here. 

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