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Requirements for Baby Bare Professional Certification           


  1. Completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 in sequence

  2. Completion of Assessments at the end of each Module

  3. Completion of all home work assignments between Modules

  4. Agreement to represent Baby Bare material accurately and as it was       delivered in person and in the written materials

 5.   Payment for Baby Bare Certification Training paid in full at time of Module 3.  


As a Certified Baby Bare Professional you receive the following benefits:

  1. Wholesale pricing on books

  2. Discounted curriculum materials. Amount varies

  3. Life long invitation to repeats of Module 1 2 and/or 3 at any location in any sequence for a 50% discount

  4. Prime placement in the online directory (live on July 2019)

  5. Direct referrals from Stephanie Johnson as relevant to your field of practice

  6. Free attendance to all live Q and A events for continued support

  7. Inclusion in the Baby Bare Certified Professional FaceBook group for continued support and learning

  8. Access to members only page on (scheduled to be up Mid Summer 2019)


This professional certification and its benefits are good for one year, the following will be completed to keep current with your certification.  


The following is required to maintain your benefits and stay current each year following your certification:

  1. Attend one live Q and A web event per year

  2. Keep directory information current

  3. Submit contact information for 3 professionals that would be good fits for Baby Bare Certification per year. Please do this by sending an email to info@babybare.netwith a subject “Training prospect” 

  4. $75/yearly dues


As your renewal time approaches you will receive an email reminding you of requirements with a link to submit renewal dues and any directory updates you may have. 


The procedures and techniques described and taught in the Baby Bare or Bright Baby Certificate Training are solely for educational use. The author/teacher Stephanie Johnson does not directly or indirectly present any part of this work as a diagnosis or prescription for any ailment of any baby, young child or adult. Persons sharing the information in this manual/training or using the techniques in this manual/training do so for educational purposes only. 


The techniques and information included in this manual/training and shared verbally in the training are intended to be used only with individual clients, students, and families for educational purposes. Participants may not include the information and techniques to train other professionals, therapists or educators.  If you are interested in becoming a Baby Bare Trainer please inquire at


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